Bespoke Fabrications

Your ideas can be brought to life. No matter how unusual your request is, we will work with you to achieve your goal.


Plastic Welding & Repair

Dependant on the type of plastic and its condition, we may well be able to formulate a repair once an assessment of the material / damage has been made. Contact us to arrange an inspection.


Site Visits & Consultations

We will be happy to visit your location to talk over any requirements you may have and offer any advice you may need to get your project going.


On-Site & Workshop-Based Maintanence

Call us to get a quote or discuss any maintenance or repair work that you may require.


Cutting, Drilling & Polishing

We are able to cut, drill, polish, round off corners and remove sharp edges from a range of plastics that we offer



Large Format CNC Routing

Our CNC router has a large 3000mm x 1500mm capacity and can be programmed to cut one-off jobs or large quantity multiple runs.


Display & Point-Of-Sale Equipment

Bespoke display stands and point of sales equipment, manufactured in a range of materials and finishes to suit your requirements.


Tanks, Vessels & Pipework

We can produce bespoke tanks to whatever shape/size/material you need. From entire Chrome Plating lines to Motorhome Water/Waste Tanks to Aquariums. 


Installation & Modification of Pipework

Pipework installation and modification, from clean rooms to tank farms in a variety of materials including, Polypropylene, PVDF, PVC and HDPE.


Machine Safety Guards & Safety Enclosures

Enclosures and guards, from impact resistant to liquid containment. E.g. Polycarbonate for transparency/ impact resistance or Polypropylene for chemical resistance.


One-Offs & Prototypes

All types of projects are undertaken, from one-off designs to prototypes for testing, before they are submitted for production.


Laboratory Equipment

Specialised equipment for laboratory use, from process tanks to bench tops.


General Fabrications

Fabrications to suit any sort of application.

Need one of them? Give us a call now!